The More You Know #7 – 5 Fascinating facts about the Human Body

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The human body is an incredibly intricate piece of art. We know so much about it yet there is still a lot to learn and understand. There are countless numbers of facts about your own body that will baffle you and I am here to share some of them with you. They will definitely get a conversation going so make sure you remember them!

1. Around the World in Blood Vessels

The network of blood vessels you have in your body is sublime. If you were to put every single blood vessel in your body end to end in one massive line, it would reach a distance of 60,000 miles [1]! This is the same distance as travelling around the world along the equator, not only once, but once and a half!

2. The Power of the Pinky

Our hands are vital for carrying out tasks in our day to day lives. In fact, they are up there with the most important parts of the body. Without them we suddenly struggle to do the simplest of tasks. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have your little fingers? Surely they’re not of great use, right? Well, your little finger accounts for 50% of the total strength of your hand [2]. Don’t take them for granted!

3. Bones of Steel

Bones are incredibly strong. They hold our body together and give us structure. In fact, if you got a steel bar of the same width and shape as a bone in your body – the bone would be 5 times stronger [3]! Incredible. The only difference, is that bone is more brittle than steel meaning it is more prone to fracture upon impact.

4. Looking beyond the Horizon

Have you ever looked into the horizon and wondered what the limits of your eyes are? How far can we look before our eyes cannot physically see any further? Look up into the night sky. With your naked eye, you can see up to 2.5 million light years away [4]! That is the distance to the closest Galaxy to our Milky Way; Andromeda. It appears to us as a big grey cloud at night. If you manage to see it, remember this fact!

5. Shocking amounts of Brain Connections

The Brain is by far the organ Scientists cannot fully understand yet. It is what breathes the life into our bodies and controls absolutely everything going on inside of us. It does this by a massive network of brain cells. In fact, your brain has on average 86 billion nerve cells and all of these nerve cells have a further 100 trillion connections [5]. All of that in a 3 pound lump of fat. That is more than the amount of stars in our entire galaxy.

Here is just a few fascinating facts of a list that just goes on and on. Day after day, year after year, Scientists are learning more and more about our bodies and the more we know the more this knowledge takes our breath away!

If you have any questions, leave them below and until next time, take care.

~ Mystifact

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