The More You Know #3 – The Human Race in a Sugar Cube?

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If we clumped together all the constituents of every single human, they would fit into just a sugar cube; but how?

Humans are made of organ systems – organ systems are made of organs – organs are made of cells – cells are made of molecules – molecules are made of elements – elements are made of atoms.

Atoms also have constituents. Each atom is comprised of:

  1. A nucleus which contains a number of protons and neutrons

  2. Electrons “orbiting” this nucleus

  3. Empty space

  4. Empty space

  5. Empty space

In fact, there is so much empty space in an atom, that 99.9999999999999% of it is complete empty space. To put this into perspective; if the atom was the Earth – its nucleus would be the size of a football stadium. Fascinating stuff.

Now if we removed all of this empty space, and clumped up the constituents of every single human’s atoms; it would fit in a sugar cube.

Just when you thought it doesn’t get much crazier than that – the weight of this sugar cube would result to 5 billion tonnes.

That is roughly 10 times the weight of the human race combined!

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~ Mystifact

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